Saturday, April 26, 2014

Smile Now Cry Later | Boyfriend Killer

So I was 16 years old living in my apartment in Eagle Rock, California also known as NELA or Northeast Los Angeles. It was the summer of 1997 and I was home during the day. I remember I was watching television that afternoon in my living room. My sister was home but she was in her room. I went for the remote control to change the channel. It wouldnt change. I shook it a few times when all of a sudden I heard a few loud snapping sounds almost like a cap gun kids play with. We had lots of kids in our apartment so I didnt think anything of it. I finally got the remote to change the channel when I heard the sound again, this time with a voice in the backround, almost like a yell.

I finally got up and walked to my kitchen window where you could see outside to Colorado Blvd. a major street in Eagle Rock. I looked around and noticed a girl running around the complex. I couldnt make out who it was or If I knew her but I found it immediately wierd. I continued to look on as she got closer when out of know where I noticed a man chasing her from behind. As she ran around the bottom parking lot towards me I finally realized that it was my next door neighbor Kelly and right behind her was her x-boyfriend, Ruben chasing her with a GUN! I was astonished and speechless, as all I did was continue to look on. I yelled for my sister in the other room to come to the kitchen and directed her to call 911. She came running into the kitchen and noticed what was going on. I begin talking to myself threatning to go outside to help her. My sister told me not to because he had a gun. Kelly finally made it back to her aparment which was right next mind. She ran inside the house as Ruben followed her chasing her waving the gun at her while shooting it! I couldnt beleive what I was seeing. They maid there way into the house and at that point I thought she was a gonner. I heard more gun shots coming from the house when somehow Kelly made her way back out of the house. I couldnt believe it. I finnally had gotten my base ball bat and was about to go outside. I couldent take it anylonger. She ran up the stairs again with a bloody back from one of the gunshots. Ruben was still chasing her from behind. She banged on everhyones door hoping they would let her in but no one did, Im sure for safety of their own life. She finally made her way back to the bottom of the parking lot when Ruben finally had gained on her as poor Kelly could barely run any longer. He stood behind her and poped her right in the back of the head. She fell to the floor. Ruben took a knee right next to her, pulled up her head and pointed the gun to his mouth. He mumbled something to her right before he pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground right next to her. Both bodies lying right next to each other.

I finally ran outside and was the first person on the scene. I wasnt sure what had just happend. I stood over Ruben and kicked the gun to the side. I was so close to picking it up and shooting him myself. He was still breathing. I looked over at Kelly and she had a huge bubble on her kneck and didnt look very good. I knew she wasnt going to make it. However I noticed Ruben still breathing and his cheek looked disfigoured. The police immiedately showed up, about 4 cars deep and rolled up with their guns brandish at us. I yelled to them and said over there, over there. They had all of us from the apartment go aga9inst the wall until they figured things out.

Needless to say when things settled most of the detectives came to talk to me since I had the best view and was the first person at the scene of the crime. I told them what I saw. I was still shooken up from the whole thing.

Shortly after Channel 11 Fox News showed up and wanted to Interview me. I agreed to and gave them a quick overview of what happend. That night I went to my friend Chrisis house to tell him about what had happened and so we could see my ass on TV. He couldnt beleive it. We ended up seeing myself on TV and had a few laughs. We were actually high on weed so I could relax a little. We talked about it for a while. All I hoped for was that Kelly made it and Ruben didint'.

The next day I found out that Kelly had passed and Ruben was alive with a minor wound to his mouht. Apparentlay he put the gun in his mouth near his cheek and pulled the trigger, going right through the cheek. He would end up living.

A 6 months had passed and I had just gotten a full athletic Scholarship for football to the University of Arizona. I was on cloud nine. My first couple of practices out there, my coach comes up to me. He tells me the LAPD want to fly me back for a murder case and need me to testify. I remeber my coach saying, shit Erik what the hell happend and where you from. I had to explain to him the whole sitiuaton. I spoke with the Detective and he told me If I didnt testify there was a chance that Ruben could get alot less time. There was no way I was going to let that happend.

I flew back and walked into court that day. I got on the stand and remember looking at Ruben sitting on the defense. He tried to dog me like if he was hard, but I wasnt scared of that bitch. I had actually went to JR High with him at Eagle Rock and new who he was. Me and my homies ran much deeper than he did. As I was staring at him the judge asked me if I the man who shot Kelly was sitting in this court room today. I looked over at him, dogged him, and got a flash in my head of their baby girl Kelly and him had just had and how he left her without parents. I said ye hes here and I pointed directly at him and said "THAT'S THAT LITTLE BITCH RIGHT THERE" FUCKIN PUNK!  The judge okay thank you Mr. Garcia and let me step down.

Now I aint no rat and never will be, but when someone pulls some shit like that over a break up, than where Im from we, niggas get green lit.

Here is the treatment to my show that I have been working on for the past several years.

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